As an earth caring individual I grow and prepare herbals for patients. The gift I have been given led me down the path of traditional healing.  using herbs to heal that I can grow myself, using organic methods.  Towards the end of 1992 I started collecting recipes from within the family in order to preserve herbal traditions that had proved invaluable in my growing years. In 1999 I registered as a Tradtional Herbalist/Healer under the careful and dedicated tuition of Professor Sobantu Philip Kubukeli.


In 1994 the opportunity presented itself to move onto the present smallholding and as the the alien vegetation was cleared, a revolution started, where they all do, underground.  Each year we are visited by a spring carnival, that year by year, expands in beauty and variety. Much of this flora is researched for possible medicinal and/or food value.


The herb gardens are left fairly wild in order to encourage self-seeding. This creates an environment, which naturally increases the medicinal properties of the various herbs. We presently use over 70 herbs in our herbals, of which 30 are indigenous.


We use our own home made compost, fertilisers, “pest confusers”, and grow as many herbs as is climatically possible to prepare herbals.


We use companion planting, moon gardening and organic methods.


Due to the nature of our gardening practices, it is not always possible to compost in a way that benefits the entire garden.  The flora that arrives every year prefers a nutrient poor soil and any tree, herb etc. that is planted needs to be composted carefully in order to maintain a balance between the two distinct flora.


Combinations of various alternate methods have become a daily way of life. Water is our most precious commodity and using water wisely and ensuring correct energies in water automatically improves the quality of our soil, our plants, and finally, ourselves.


We live in a very precious part of our planet and need to make ourselves aware of the fragmentation we are causing within our rich and diverse floral kingdom. Each one of us can, become  individual conservationists, and in our unique way, contribute to the saving of this beauty for ourselves and future generations.


Enjoy browsing through my website gathering information you need to begin your own natural health and gardening practices.


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All articles are written by Michele Slabbert.

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